Monday, July 31, 2006

Oh yeah, I'm blogging now...

Now that I've finished making three consecutive posts with the same picture in it, to both appease Blogger and to rub it in their face how little sense their interface makes, it's time for me, on my fourth post of the day, to finally state what I hope will be the blog's purpose: a "creativity" blog.

I think I'm a creative person but I've had problems with process and actually doing things for my whole life. So I'm going to try posting stuff like music on here and see how that works. And in the spirit of not-so-much-RMS/GNU-as-BSD anything I post here is public domain and I'll post as much "source" (in the form of lilypond files or whatever applies) as I can. That said, in good simple software you don't really need to see the source to know the implementation, because the algorithms are driven by the data structures and the data structures are driven by the purpose; I hope that the same would apply to music that I create. Well, at least that's the Plan 9/old-school Unix concept of software, and a minimalist concept of music; a Microsoft/Apple concept of software and a romantic concept of music might follow the "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" mantra.

At work when bugs just hurt my mind too much, I remember that quotation and think, "This bug is clearly magic. Technology is sufficiently advanced and we can all go home now." Which proves that after years of technological advancement what we're best at is bugs, because no other technological phenomenon is as mystifying as they are.

If we bug makers all went home, though, where would we go? I have no idea. I want to be a taxi driver. Alright, and I'm going to work on finishing the words to a song I'm writing and I'll get back here when I'm done with that in several years. Later.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

AJAX Sucks

I hate AJAX.

(can't remember what it is...)

Oh, Blogger, you live to spurn me.

Here is a picture whose URL won't exceed the 68-character limit. Which is an arbitrary and stupid limit. This picture, I just remembered, looks better if you have a normal 4:3 aspect-ratio monitor set to 1280:1024 resolution, because it stretches my face horizontally.

Dear sir, I've a complaint!

To put a picture on my profile thing I have to have it on teh intarwebs somewhere. So here.