Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"And of course you're a bore, but in that you're not charmless"

Ran at a track that reminded me of Illinois today, the home of the Lincoln Lions [edit: for those that don't know, my elementary school back in Elmhurst was Lincoln, Home of the Lions]. Lincoln being a San José high school. A California Distinguished School, no less! After my first two of the three two-mile repeats I ran I decided that my original goal wasn't ambitious enough and ran the last one 10 seconds faster. But next time I'd better be able to do 'em all that fast, or there's no hope of breaking 35 in the 10k. Did you hear that? ALL HOPE IS LOST!

Actually I ran past this high school once before and there were a bunch more Illinois references on that ran that I don't remember any more.

The title quotation is from the somewhat infamous Velvet Underground song "Some Kinda Love". The really classic line from that song that you've probably seen quoted in at least one person's email sig in your life is, "Put jelly on your shoulder / let us do what you fear most". The song after that one on their self-titled third album is called "Pale Blue Eyes" and drew the complaint from Sterling Morrison, "If I wrote a song like that, I wouldn't make you play it."

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