Friday, September 1, 2006

Phil the Penguin Music Studios International Presents

I was going to do some hardcore recording today with all of my incredible studio equipment (which is basically one keyboard, one computer, one microphone and my rather marginal singing voice). But my awesome studio was missing the plug that connects the microphone to the computer. In fact, I remember when I lost it, it was when I was flying back from San José to Illinois with my mom after looking at apartments; I always kept the plug stuck in my laptop's headphone jack to prevent it from beeping on boot, and it fell out of the jack and rolled away. So that plan will be postponed until I can make a run to Fry's, probably this weekend.

I was planning to do some rough drafts of "Candy Says" (a Velvet Underground song that I can sing better than most songs), and two songs I wrote that share the title "The Secrets of Breakfast" (there's a story there, and it's suitably silly).

Wrote a verse of a new song today while out running, I seriously have to do less starting and more finishing. It was inspired by faces of runners that I saw, but that's not what it was about, it was about Mitch Clem drawing his girlfriend's head "too football-shaped". And TYRANNY and OPRESSION! Honestly, I couldn't make this shit up, if I ever finish this one it will be even better than "Pretty Faces" or "Wyoming Love Tragedy", which I also have no hope of ever finishing, and which you therefore will never hear ever. Actually, it has this face theme going on, maybe I can merge it with "Pretty Faces" and finally make some headway on that beast.

(This is the blog post where the tip of my unfinished creation iceberg is seen.)

And I think that's all I can squeeze out of my day today into this here text box. *clicky*

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