Thursday, August 24, 2006

Um, totally

So please excuse that I've totally forgotten about doing anything new or creative in my life lately, and that I will continue this trend for the future.

I am entirely distracted by running. Screw triathalons for now, and music and writing a new Plan 9 editor that combines the most useful ideas from sam and vi. I am going to find a race sometime in the next few weeks and kick some ass. And in a month I want to run a 35-minute 10k, and then ramp up my distance and try to run an 80-minute half-marathon. Training plan is like this:

  1. Run 5-6 days per week.
  2. Run hills at El Rancho once or twice a week.
  3. Do some segmented running or intervals, averaging 4-5 minutes per hard section, once a week.
  4. Frisbee wednesdays to keep myself good and injured.
  5. Stop food-binging every few days.

I don't know if I'm capable of doing those times, or if I will find the right races to do them... whatever. They should be pretty good goals. I ran a 36-minute 10k a few years ago and I can train better now than then because I have hills to train on... and I'm probably physically stronger than I was then, and time is still on my side at those distances. Frankly, time is probably on my side for any distance I want to train for. Maybe I should work on my mile time after that or maybe even half-mile, just to see if I can force myself to run like my real height instead of several inches shorter. It might also change my physical stature completely. I am getting completely carried away with the life-changing possibilities of speed training! But first, the 10k-through-half-marathon distances, since that's what I'm actually good at.

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