Sunday, August 27, 2006

Vote, vote, vote!

Which processed soy product has the better name?

  1. Tofurkey, the well-known soy-based turkey imitation (as well as brand name for several other similar products)

  2. Soyrizo, a lesser-known attempt at creating vegetarian chorizo

I actually used Soyrizo while cooking today, because recently I was grocery shopping and saw it on the shelf, remembered that I once loosely followed a recipe called "Lola's Lentils" from the side of a bag of lentils that called for chorizo, and wondered what it would taste like with this soyrizo stuff thrown in. Unfortunately I no longer have the original bag of lentils, so my cooking process was totally random, just cooked up a pound of lentils, chopped up and tossed in some random veggies, garlic, spices and this new mystery ingredient. Unfortunately my spices and the soyrizo spices didn't quite mate up very well (should have left out some of the spices and used hot peppers instead... next time...), and so the overall flavor is a bit confusing. But the texture came out well this time and my time-management was spot-on, so I'll call this at least a partial success in the realm of chefery.

I had this funny idea for a song today called "Living in Silicon Valley", which is about how we use technology and suburban sprawl to abstract away our humanity (oh no!). It sounds in my head kind of like "The Big Country" by The Talking Heads (which is the only song that I've ever heard that makes fun of farmers). The first draft words are the follwing:

Living in Silicon Valley, man
Ten hours boredom and a minute of sheer terror
That is, work for a day or so
The flip out when you think you see somebody you know

On the sidewalk
We have cars and phones
Contacts lists and schedules
We see people
When we want to see them
We see people
When we plan to see them

Working in the valley, they say
It's just a few people takin' everyone else along for the ride
That is, it's all nature for the engineering dweebs
But it sure takes some skill to sell so much stuff that nobody needs

We recycle
Entire industries are built
Live and die on this
Want to express yourself
All you need
Is last year's supercomputer

Wanna know why my people they ain't got no success
They ain't dressed for it, they ain't dressed for it
(repeated several times before instrumental outro)


heatrose said...

1. dude, tofurkey jerky is what you want.
2. whats chorizo?
3. you should record that song and send me a link to it or some deal like that.

Al Dimond said...

1. A not-quite-rhyme and everything! What's in a name? Soy product perfection!

2. Chorizo is a spicy Mexican ground meat of some kind. One might make tacos with it, for example. You could probably find it at stores in areas with large Mexican-American populations. Soyrizo, on the other hand, is the kind of thing that may only exist in California.

3. I'm going to start recording some of my songs somewhere in the future and I don't know when, but starting with older ones whose words and music are completely set, and that I know I can play, so I don't have to struggle with those things. There was a stretch where I wrote songs that worked really well for just piano+voice, and I'll blog about why when I record them, but this one requires either Talking Heads-style production or a hardcore punk band to make any sense at all, and... let's just say I'm not Brian Eno and I'm not D. Boon.

I'm also not Mick Jagger or Wayne Coyne, but for some reason that doesn't stop the ones that I'll probably go for first.

Danielle said...

You may not read this since this post was a long time ago, but I wanted to point out that the burrito place in Ames will make you a burrito with Soy Chorizo! I don't believe it is Soyrizo necessarily, but I am astounded that in the land of lots of pigs and bland palates that the burrito place is so accomodating... I don't know if anywhere in C-U had that! Not even Strawberry Fields! (Pardon me, I just drooled thinking about a barbeque tofu sandwich from there... yum!)