Tuesday, September 19, 2006

But I never did it because of concerns about global warming from the car trip.

In college I would occasionally have urges to go home, send a few important emails (One would go to my family, close friends, and people in the ECE department that I liked and respected, the other would go to everyone else in ECE I could think of... that reminds me, I need to send an email to my Anthro TA from whatever semester it was that I took Anthro... a pleasant email, but hopefully a thought-provoking one), grab a very few important things, bike to John's apartment, chuck my bike in the back of the W├╝gen, drive West until I couldn't stay awake any more, stop at the next town, and start over.

Today was kind of like that, except I'd be going East instead of West, and that I am not really angry enough at anyone here that I'd need to send more than one email.


heatrose said...

youre a better person than me. i keep choosing visiting my family--via airplane-- for unreasonably short periods of time over not doing so. after much internal angst about global climate change, for sure, but i still do it.

WRM said...

all I really need to say is "sham on." take it as you will, but let me suggest it as an optimistic and carefree statement

Al Dimond said...

I may be a better person than you (I'll have to consult God on that one), but... the evidence clearly shows that I did move halfway across the country to not change my life. And I also drove to Tahoe for altitude training a while ago.

Of course, carbon footprint is not how you measure a person's goodness. The best way to measure that is by how little a person enjoys life. *That's* why I'm such a great person.