Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Faith in humanity is higher than usual

First, though, a rant. Who the hell designed those locks that are on doorknobs where you can turn the lock on the inside, close the door from the outside, and then realize you forgot your key? Who was this guy's manager that approved the idea? Who were the marketing geniuses that managed to sell to millions of people a product whose only added feature over standard deadbolts is the ability to lock yourself out?

So I locked myself out at about midnight-point-five or so while taking out some recyclables. Last time I recycle. My spare key is in a drawer in my cube at work, so I walked there, and waited for anyone to exit. Fortunately this is Silicon Valley, where people work 10am to 2am. I don't work 10am to 2am, people do. This dude let me in and even gave me a ride back home, since it was right on his way. He was clearly under the effects of large doses of caffeine and very tired. I am very grateful that he delayed his bedtime by a few minutes to prevent me from spending my entire night on a metal bench outside of my building.

So my faith in humanity is on an upswing. We aren't going to Hell in a handbasket, maybe we're going there in a warm... soft... bed...jadshf;f iueafjh;slj

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