Saturday, September 2, 2006


I managed to get my recording going today, but with a little bit of difficulty. And my setup is horrendously noisy. I need to build myself a fanless computer for recording, and get a real soundcard with a bit more shielding than my onboard one has (which is practically none).

Through all the struggle to get it set up, get the levels anywhere near correct, and mitigate the noise as much as possible, I had pretty much worn out my voice by the time I finished with the test track, "Candy Says" by the Velvet Underground.

I wanted to use bittorrent, but I don't know how (I r teh lamerz), but I do know how to open a port through my router and set up a tiny http server. My IP address is not static, but for at least the time being you'll be able to grab my first recording at

(If you can't grab it there, bitch at me on AIM, Jabber or via email, or respond to a recent post on this blog and I'll fix it)

(For more info on Nambers go to If I wasn't so lazy I'd set myself up on one of those dynamic DNS sites, but then again, if I wasn't so lazy I'd learn to use bittorrent. Nambers and a miniature HTTP server are the Al Dimond Way.)

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