Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Running equals teh argh.

After last week's track session I thought I wasn't quite fast enough to run my 10k goal. After Thursday's disastrous long run and today's disappointing track session I know I'm not even close. I totally suck, teh boos!

After these stunning disappointments I've decided to revise my entire training plan: I'm now measuring all my runs in nautical miles, and my pace in knots. For example, today I did a down-ladder at the track, running distances of 3.24, 1.62, 0.81 and 0.43 nautical miles. My speeds, respectively, were 8.95 knots, 9.01 knots, 9.56 knots and 10.11 knots. It be slow sailin' today, mateys!

Oh yeah, and I'll have more music up when a day comes where my voice isn't totally wrecked from running. I decided to get rid of the "Secrets of Breakfast" songs because I don't believe in them and playing songs I don't believe in is taking steps backwards. Those two songs were in B-flat and G, so the two I will do instead will also be in B-flat and G.

In B-flat will be a song that should either be called "Justification" or "Oh God Please Make the Eighth-Notes Stop (Or Failing That At Least Make Them In Rhythm)!". I'm pretty sure there is only one place where they eighth-notes stop in that song. In G will be "Living in Silicon Valley", which I figured out how to do on piano, I think, and if not, I think I can do it with wierd synthy shit, which will take a bit longer.


Danielle said...

Dude! I am totally doing my next run in knots! More math to do in my head as I run! Yay!

Oh yeah, I just put in my two cents on the whole Tofurkey vs. Soyrizo debate but that isn't even on the main page anymore. While I was occasionally reading your blog when you weren't posting so rapidly before, with the new Facebook Stalker Mechanism, now I know when you have posted something new without even going to your blog.

And now that I know you are a grammar Nazi, I may have to go back and proofread everything I ever wrote.

Al Dimond said...

Thank you for visiting my tiny region of the blogosphere! Where I will use any excuse possible to use the word, "blogosphere"!

It is excellent that you can get some kind of soyrizo (in the generic sense) in Ames. That's right, I'm using Soyrizo's name as a generic term to dilute their trademark! If they don't sue me it's totally officially diluted! Diluted I tell you!

Or as the Slashdot hordes would say:

1. Dilute the trademark of an obscure soy product
2. ???
3. Profit!

heatrose said...

dude, yr frickin' cruisin as sailin' goes. at least in my experience. we did ten knots with fair winds and the motor on the tall ship i was on, and 6-7 normally. and 6 knots max with the sails or the motor on the boat i'm writing this from (running both wouldnt add speed, they said), which is a sailing yacht.

mebbe little racing sailboats go faster though. mebbe you are aspiring to be a little racing sailboat. LIKEWHOA.