Thursday, October 26, 2006


I was just reading Slashdot and there was a story about lab-created diamonds. TFA + comments + links in comments were solidly enthusiastic. Turns out the Slashdot crowd (represented here by Al Dimond) has every reason to hate the cartel that controls diamond supply throughout the world, from their ruthless monopoly tactics, creation of artificial scarcity, awful treatment of miners and buying from murderous regimes to their manipulative campaigns to make their stones a benchmark of the expression of love in our time. (It's amazing how one group of people can be bastards in so many ways!) Not to mention the potential for lab-grown stones as a semiconductor material, which means, you know, that computers will keep getting faster... yay. And then there was a comment that I'm going to link to here,

This being the comment,

which sums it all up: progress! So that reminds me that I'm not always indifferent to progress, sometimes it's kind of a good thing. It's a good thing in context, at the very least, and we always have to live in context.

Speaking of context I can't believe today is (very early) Thursday, tomorrow is Friday, after that Saturday and then finally Sunday and the half-marathon! So it won't exactly be a triumphant race I don't think, but I think I can just have fun, and that's success enough.

AH my brain almost just went on a really depressing tangent on that (the context thing, and why it being just days before the race is a context) but I'm not going there, at least not until I'm lying awake in bed a few hours from now. Argh.


Danielle said...

Good luck on your race! Did you decide to wear a costume?

Oh yeah, in addition to their insistence on wearing high heels and making it so that women who won't wear them become fashion schlubs, diamond lust makes me lose faith in my fellow women. Even smart educated women aren't immune! Makes me want to gag. And you know what? Diamonds aren't forever. Thermodynamically they are inclined to turn into graphite.

Al Dimond said...

I decided not to wear a costume because my continuing car, bike and running problems (car and bike problems having to do with them needing repair, running problems having to do with going on very long runs and then deciding to stop for a few hours in the middle to look at scenery) have turned my weekends into... graphite.

Also, costumes involving face paint, I decided, were totally out, because of the whole "paint in eyes" problem.

Maybe I'll just put some tape around my glasses and wear my E.J. PI t-shirt tucked-in. Get a super-dorky looking haircut (like the one I got when I first moved here that literally made people think I was 16)... oh yeah.

Did you make the graphite comment on /. also, because someone made the graphite comment there. A reply to that comment expressed disappointment at the inability to have one's carbon formed into a man-made diamond after death so as to survive until heat death of the universe. Apparently there is a website now where you can have the remains of a loved one made into a diamond, which strikes me as ridiculously creepy.

Danielle said...

My last comment didn't take apparently... No, I didn't post that on /. - I happen to be studying for a geochemistry exam and that fact was on my last one :-)

Also, I am apparently not geeky enough to know what an E.J. PI t-shirt is.

Al Dimond said...

E.J. PI was my great idea for an HKN (the ECE honors society that I was briefly a member of) shirt a couple years ago that never took. The concept was basically like a baseball jersey, the name on the back E.J. PI and the number -1. e^{i\pi} = -1, of course, but in ECE we use j for the unit imaginary so as not to confuse it with I, which typically means current.

Then you can put any random geeky slogan on the front, like "C is for Coulomb (that's good enough for me)".

I made a test shirt, and people repeatedly had to ask me what was up with it. Maybe it wasn't obvious enough, but if I have to wear a shirt it might as well be confusing.