Monday, October 2, 2006

Retreat towards the classics

Today was the first day since I moved here that hasn't been a beautiful sunny day.

Today was a a beautiful rainy day.

Why am I blogging about something superficial like the weather? Because the rain was the most significant event in my life in a long time. I'm not worried about wasting years of my life, I've got plenty left, but it's starting to get boring.


heatrose said...

was it the warm rain of clouds exploding on a day that was otherwise too swelteringly hot, or the stormy angry rain of the atmosphere throwing a tantrum and the sky throwin' down the rain atcha?

or was it a different rain? those are the florida ones. the chicago ones are similar, i s'pose, although less intense and not nearly frequent enough. i thought yrs might be more like a florida one. describe!

also important, did you play in it and/or get soaked?

Al Dimond said...

There was no explosion, no sweltering heat and no anger.

That stuff is so east coast. This was a laid-back, calm California rain. I didn't really get soaked; I was running errands while the rain was going on. There are days in St. Louis where you'd get just as wet as I did that day without any rain; I imagine Florida's about the same, but I've never been there.