Monday, October 30, 2006

The second rule of blogging

The second rule of blogging is to never post about something you read until you've read it at least twice, slept and had some dreams about it, and gone through a day applying it to situations in your life. I think my last post more or less missed the point! But I also think I might understand what enframing means now, maybe.

I am so hungry and I have almost no food but I don't want to go out in public to get food. Maybe I do have food here. I could make Irish oatmeal... oh w00t I have pasta. Disaster averted.


heatrose said...

apparantly i am not being a good stalker in not reading yr blog often enough, but WHOA, you have totally read heidegger (i didnt read whichever other post this one is referring to yet), whoa!

and what is irish oatmeal?

Al Dimond said...

Irish oatmeal is oatmeal made from steel-cut oats; it's really good (it has a much better texture than rolled oats) but takes a long time to cook.