Friday, October 13, 2006

Too much blog!

I've been posting like a fiend lately, that's all.

So a few weeks ago I was writing this song that I'll probably record and post here tomorrow. I hit this big D major chord, because it seemed like the right thing to do. Then I hit it again, and then a third time. Then I randomly started singing "Love in Vain" (a song by the Rolling Stones). It worked a lot better than it should have (or maybe it didn't and I'm delusional). I polished up the arrangement over the next few weeks, recorded it, then considered whether I should post it or not. I decided to post it, in honor of Ian replying to a few of my haiku posts and away messages in haiku, knowing that he would spin in his... grave... ???... if he heard me butchering the Stones like this... or something... I can't get this sentence right, screw it. Here is the URL:

Note the domain name has changed. Some time ago I accidentally flipped the switch that controls the outlet that my DSL modem is plugged into and my IP address changed, and thus the namber changed. Such is life. So now my computer is at that address, and my songs along with it.

I really like the overall sound and idea of this arrangement, even if my performance isn't anywhere near perfect. I didn't take a whole lot of time with the recording, though that's largely because the vocal part is so high that (1) I could only do so many takes before my voice got tired and (2) it came out much louder, meaning I didn't have to spend so much time trying to amplify the vocals without getting too much noise. Noise is a real problem with my setup, and I've considered either buying a digital mixing board or building a dedicated recording computer. However, at this point noise is hardly the most offensive part of my music.

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