Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Food-Related Mishaps

Funniest thing happened yesterday and today.

Yesterday I ate the last of certain foods in my apartment.

And today they aren't here.

Funny how that works.

I have been fusing together working bits and parts of songs and ideas where they fit, because some of these things need to be completed, and a song can and should have more than one or two working parts. Well, Ted Leo really said it best, "I gather around me / All the little pieces in this song / And fit them where they belong". I have some fun creations that I've been coming out of the shower and immediately singing and pounding out on my keyboard in the morning. And I've resigned myself to the realization that my recollection of throwing out the notebook containing the "Just Minutia/Camino Blanco" sketches must have been accurate after all. So I recreated the "Just Minutia" banner on the whiteboard in my cube at work, and vanquished my fear of trying to redo it and getting it all wrong.

Now, nobody except for maybe my brother John knows what I mean when I say, the "Just Minutia" sketches, and absolutely nobody has ever actually seen them, but maybe someday I'll remake them on some real paper (note to self: get some real paper), find a scanner on craigslist, and share them with y'all. It's my concept for a comic strip that's a little bit like XKCD with a dash of ELER and a pinch of SARC.

Which reminds me, I'm going to rip this idea off from this other dude's blog. POLL: Which webcomic character am I?

  • Hannelore from Questionable Content (the blonde in this particular QC strip)

  • Indie Rock Pete from Diesel Sweeties (keeping in mind his entire body of work and not just that particular strip, which is simply a classic early DS strip)

  • Utahraptor from Dino Comix (because although I am without a doubt a machine that turns food into ideas, even more than that I'm a contrarian)

  • Tycho from Penny Arcade (not the one electrocuting himself)

1 comment:

Danielle said...

I don't know if I know you well enough to classify you as a webcomic, but I am still on a voting high from last week, so I am going to vote anyways :-) I am going to go with... Indie Rock Pete.

And that first comic was so true (about me at least) that it was scary...