Sunday, November 12, 2006


I want to post some things that I can't post.

I mean, there are always lots of things that I can't post for lots of reasons, but there is a specific set of things that I can't post for a specific reason.

I need to start over completely, I don't think I can make a plan that meets my requirements right now, suggestions?


Anonymous said...

my suggestion, use thinly veiled pseudonyms and speak as a character that exemplifies the most detestable and caustic parts of your personality.

it's worked for me for the last seven years.


Alice W. Du Mond said...

What a crap suggestion. That would only work if the most detestable and the most caustic parts of Al's personality were the same.

And, for the record, twenty-cents, it hasn't worked. Yeeeaaargh!

heatrose said...

scream. you'll be able to work things out better after.

you could also try craigslist, or talkin' to someone. but really, screaming is better.