Friday, December 8, 2006

And then nothing happened for a while

I had fun debugging today. Debugging is infinitely more fun than coding. The fact that I had no idea what the code was doing probably made it much easier. No worrying about what the variables meant, just looking at those evil programmers were doing to the poor things.

Got to watch some executives race each other on Segways. Sometimes life is incredibly confusing, and maybe it would be less so if I was drunk all day. But they don't allow beer at work. Damn shame.

And yesterday I was pissed off because my rear dérailleur was out of wack, ruining my chance for an awesome morning bike ride, but it turned out to be really easy to fix and I did it this morning instead. Maybe this weekend I can set up an appointment to see a doctor about my injuries so I can run again. It would probably help if I wasn't so stressed-out.

If any of you ever come to the West, drink some beers from the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. Their most famous is their pale ale. I've never seen them outside the West, maybe they are there and I just don't know it. Either way, they are good. Also, visit me, but if you can't, at least have some good beer.


heatrose said...

you can get sierra nevada in chicago! i forgot how i feel about most of their beers, except their porter, which is not so exciting. do they have an ipa? i've been digging those of late (and by of late i mean for many months).

and, um, it seems sort of creepy that you're debugging evil code and not knowing what it does!! and, um, it reminds me of this songanddanceish number this queen did at a drag show i went to with one of my friends. umyeah.

Anonymous said...

You can get it regularly as far east as Ohio.

I'm pretty sure it's available all over the US, though.