Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My favorite of all my biases...

is my bias for underproduced music. In the spirit of that, this weekend I recorded myself playing Elvis Costello's Suit of Lights, and I originally intended to make it sound good, but instead I just let it stand after one piano take and one vocal take, mistakes and rough patches left in. Currently lives at http://earth.hair.walk.tall.mysteryrobot.com:8080/suit_of_lights.ogg

Also over the weekend I managed to pull off a 50-mile bike ride without getting lost or collapsing or anything. This was aided by choosing a route that didn't involve mountains, so it was a significantly less interesting route than the one I did last weekend. But I did get to cross over the Dumbarton Bridge, which was sort of cool. I took my camera but there wasn't really much interesting stuff to photograph, just a lot of water.

The Chicago job hunt moves slowly. I have to make it move faster.

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