Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Near-Midnight Grocery Thing

A few days ago it was almost midnight and I was not particularly hungry but felt like eating anyway, and I didn't feel like eating anything around here (there wasn't much). So I got in my car and drove up Scott to El Camino Real, left on El Camino and past the San Tomás Expressway and to the Save Mart, which is open until midnight.

Is it my car? It doesn't feel like my car, in that I don't feel like I own it for some reason, but that's not why I'm writing.

It's always the same guy that checks me out at the Save Mart when I go there late at night. And some of the other people around the store I recognize also. I think it was Saturday night, but it's the same guy on weeknights. As I started the car to head back home I thought something like, "It must suck to have that shift. But I'm glad someone does it." Of course, that was a stupid thought. I mean, I am whatsoever not capable of being glad about anything, least of all that some dudes are working past midnight on a Saturday night just to make sure that I can keep up some of my worst food-related tendencies (not planning out shopping runs, failing to understand my appetite, shopping while hungry, to name a few) without stealing anything.

Fuck it, Dude; let's go bowling.


heatrose said...

INVITE THE DUDE TO GO POST-MIDNIGHT BOWLING.!!! if he seems fun at least.

doing late shifts can actually be pretty fun, but more of as a once-in-awhile thing, when its an adventure that generates good stories. it prob sucks to be doing that every saturday night. although maybe not, if he's a hardcore night person.

jl said...

have a white russian for me.