Sunday, January 7, 2007


This is not going to be a very well-composed entry, and I don't know why it's going up. A few odd notes.

  1. There is a story behind the previous blog entry (I think it was the previous entry at least) and also one behind the next list item and I can't really tell either story here so I won't (I know, there was that XKCD strip that ends, "Fuck that shit," and I'd like to post the stories in the spirit of that strip, but it wouldn't be prudent). Inquire within.
  2. On Friday I really saw up-close some of the connections between careerism and consumerism and they scared me a lot.
  3. Played Frisbee today and then biked from the field up to a sporting goods store in Sunnyvale where I bought a basketball and an ankle strap that should connect to my apartment's weight set. And everything hurts except for my right hamstring, which means I can start my awesome training plan!
  4. My awesome training plan (for the River to River Relay): January is for strength and flexibility training. Some running mixed in with biking. February is for aerobic base training and hills. March is for interval workouts, tempo runs, more hills. The first week of April is Hell Week. The next two weeks are a two-week taper down to the relay: gradually easier tempo runs and short speedwork.
  5. I have been reading Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, and it is delicious.

Perhaps for a normal person this would not be such an accomplishment, but I'm impressed with how short I managed to keep this. Yuck, that's an ugly sentence (Orwell would not approve). Oh well, can't win 'em all.

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Danielle said...

Yes, it is indeed delicious! I am glad we could influence your book choices...

Glad to hear your hamstring is healed up! I think bike riding is fucking with mine, so I have to stop that in addition to running :-(