Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More automotive woes

This past Friday I took my car in to have a weird transmission problem looked at.

Conveniently, the same Friday was also the start of the rainy season.

At about the same time, the drain in my bathroom sink went from "a bit slow" to "really slow and backing up into the sink with nasty sewage". Based on the symptoms it's seems like a grease-based blockage, and the most effective way to fight that is with an enzyme-based product (that info is courtesy of the Internet, which knows all). The closest store that I'd expect to carry such a product is more than 3 miles from my apartment. And it's raining all the frickin' time. Grr.

My parents are coming to visit from Thursday through Sunday, and there's no way the drain will be clear by then (these products supposedly are not very fast-acting). I haven't even heard anything about my car.


Monday, February 5, 2007


And so after those crazy hills on Friday and Frisbee on Saturday my legs were pretty much dead today (Sunday)... I was going to go out early for a bike ride, but my quads said, "No". So I went to Alviso Marina and ran instead, which means that for some stupid reason my hamstrings are tougher than my quads now. So I can run hardcore! Yay! But it was an easy run today, just under 8 miles and with a 7-step breathing pattern the whole time. For some reason while running I wanted to finish a song that I started writing while walking my dog a year or so ago, and filled in bits of, respectively, while in that delusional state you're in when you wake up in the middle of the night and are thrashing your covers around even though you're awake, just because you feel they need to be thrashed, and while running down Newhall street towards the end of a run many moons ago. But I couldn't think of any good words, only of why it was important that I finish the song, and that is what's so frustrating about my brain, it's always at least one level of abstraction above where it really needs to be.

Similarly I saw the sign at Alviso Marina today talking about how the water level has changed over the years and I thought about illusions of permanence, environmentalism, earthquakes and ants, whether ants have illusions of permanence in the same way that we do, and for a while I wanted to write a story from the perspective of an ant, about illusions of permanence, but it was going to be stupid and boring so I canned the idea.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

A California Winter

I did some hill running at Rancho San Antonio for the first time in a while today. Winter in California is basically spring. Brisk, cool, moist air, the foothills covered in green and purple; so purple that even though almost all purple looks blue to me I instantly saw this purple as purple. In the summer, since it never rains, everything is dry and dead. But now it's beautiful.

And, although sometimes I still think my body has it in for me, it actually worked properly to a surprising degree today, as I pushed much harder than I really should have up and down the hills. Of course, the reason I was pushing so hard is because for the last 3/4 of the run I had to use the bathroom. Cut the run short and head back to base camp? Never! Just run faster! No wonder my body hates me...

This may be Más Información Que Ustedes Quieren Saber (we miss you, Señor Mendoza), so browse away if tú no quieres saber (who am I kidding, the very kind of information that people want is of the too-much variety): there is something odd about my bowels and running. It feels like classical conditioning of some kind. Right before and during runs they always want to move. When I have more flexibility in running times I always wind up pushing back the run to let this process finish before I start running, but when I'm at El Rancho and the sun will be down in just over an hour I don't have that luxury.

I have a feeling that some of those Spanish verbs up there shoulda been in the subjunctive... oh well...