Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More automotive woes

This past Friday I took my car in to have a weird transmission problem looked at.

Conveniently, the same Friday was also the start of the rainy season.

At about the same time, the drain in my bathroom sink went from "a bit slow" to "really slow and backing up into the sink with nasty sewage". Based on the symptoms it's seems like a grease-based blockage, and the most effective way to fight that is with an enzyme-based product (that info is courtesy of the Internet, which knows all). The closest store that I'd expect to carry such a product is more than 3 miles from my apartment. And it's raining all the frickin' time. Grr.

My parents are coming to visit from Thursday through Sunday, and there's no way the drain will be clear by then (these products supposedly are not very fast-acting). I haven't even heard anything about my car.



heatrose said...


but that doesnt always work so well.

Al Dimond said...

Since it didn't rain yesterday I stopped at the hardware store near my office and picked up some drain clearer stuff. Unfortunately it was more successful in making my bathroom smell like sewage mixed with chemicals than it was in speeding up the drain. Which makes sense; if it's going to dissolve the yucky badness down in the pipes it's probably going to release a lot of yucky, bad gases right back through the drain.

This is one of the only times this month I have been glad I'm not in Illinois, which is getting the best snow it's had in years by all accounts, because here it's warm enough outside to leave a window open and set up a fan in there for ventilation.