Monday, February 5, 2007


And so after those crazy hills on Friday and Frisbee on Saturday my legs were pretty much dead today (Sunday)... I was going to go out early for a bike ride, but my quads said, "No". So I went to Alviso Marina and ran instead, which means that for some stupid reason my hamstrings are tougher than my quads now. So I can run hardcore! Yay! But it was an easy run today, just under 8 miles and with a 7-step breathing pattern the whole time. For some reason while running I wanted to finish a song that I started writing while walking my dog a year or so ago, and filled in bits of, respectively, while in that delusional state you're in when you wake up in the middle of the night and are thrashing your covers around even though you're awake, just because you feel they need to be thrashed, and while running down Newhall street towards the end of a run many moons ago. But I couldn't think of any good words, only of why it was important that I finish the song, and that is what's so frustrating about my brain, it's always at least one level of abstraction above where it really needs to be.

Similarly I saw the sign at Alviso Marina today talking about how the water level has changed over the years and I thought about illusions of permanence, environmentalism, earthquakes and ants, whether ants have illusions of permanence in the same way that we do, and for a while I wanted to write a story from the perspective of an ant, about illusions of permanence, but it was going to be stupid and boring so I canned the idea.

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heatrose said...

that last sentence is glorious; you should write the story, but keep the sentence.