Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mountain Charlie

Mountain Charlie was a man, a California man. He lived in the Santa Cruz mountains up at the top of a hill. He fought a bear and lived to tell the tale. And as seems fitting for a Californian, he built a road: Mountain Charlie Road.

I biked on Mountain Charlie Road today, and if you ever find yourself generally anywhere near the Santa Cruz mountains you should do it to. If you're up for an 81-mile ride that climbs from essentially sea level up to 1800ft, back down, back up again and then back down, you should do the whole ride! Mountain Charlie Road is paved with dark chocolate and the trees on the mountainside drop fruits spun from silver and gold, and when it rains up there, well it didn't rain today but I'm sure when it does it rains delicious beer. Mmmm delicious beer.

I didn't bring my camera with me because I thought, "Oh, I've already seen Santa Cruz, and pictures of beaches are boring." Mountain Charlie Road made that a big mistake. I would have taken three pictures. Two of the two most spectacular views I've seen in California, and one of the stuff that I described in the last paragraph, just so you don't think I'm shitting y'all or nothin'.


Danielle said...

So we here in Iowa can't offer dark chocolate roads (I don't think I would get anywhere, having to stop to lick the road every ten feet - I might leave some potholes!), but there is pie on every corner at RAGBRAI :-)

Oh yeah, and I have supinated myself before the bourgeios and purchased the nefarious heart rate monitor. I'm sorry for abandoning the revolution :-)

heatrose said...

speaking of delicious beer, i hope you drank/are drinking the magic from the jugs.

also, there can never be too many pictures of beach, at least for those of us who are far from it. take 'em while you still can!

Al Dimond said...

Noooooo! Not the revoluuuuuutiooooon!!!

(The magic from the jugs is primarily now magic coursing through my veins, to rip off a phrase from a song that's probably by the Mountain Goats, although I can't place it for some reason. Also magic coursing through the veins of other people that had it, and enjoyed it very much.

There was also a nice lighthouse on the beach that was probably worthy of photography. And I found two breweries on the ride also, one of which is in Campbell in the back corner of the mall that houses the Trader Joe's that I frequent.

And so the other thing is that the hills north of Santa Cruz have some really cute road signs.)