Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Education

I am debating adding the following to my résumé, under the education section:

Knows how to locate an air leak in and patch a bike inner tube. Learned after walking 10 miles home through Silicon Valley after spare tube burst crossing the Dumbarton Bridge.

So I know you're supposed to carry a patch kit with you when you go on bike rides. But since I've never had much success finding leaks, I always carried a spare tube with me instead. This method doesn't work very well when you lose two tubes on one ride. Yes.

Also, I have two things to say that nobody cares about. First, I know why most places in the valley don't allow left on green, but all these places should allow left on green and eliminate left-turn arrows during low-traffic periods (for example, all the commercial parks in northern San José and Santa Clara on weekends). Also turn off the traffic lights at the parking lot entrances on weekends. If we can deal with lanes that change directions we can deal with that, and it would make my bike rides more pleasant. There is little enough traffic that the people pulling out of the lots would be better off fending for themselves. Second, it would be really really awesome if when they swept debris off the roads they would sweep it all the way to the curb instead of leaving it all in the middle of the bike lanes.


heatrose said...

hahahhaa. not that that is exactly emo, but we should have an emo resume contest. although maybe not a contest, because that's not really on the same wavelength with emo or resumes, but we should make them. it'd be fun.

Al Dimond said...

- Owns a Fugazi album.

pwnt :-P

If we're talking emo in its original sense the only way you could beat that is with "Owns a Rites of Spring album" or "Belonged to an emo band before the term was co-opted by mediocre neo-pop-punk bands"... you would have had to be preparing for this moment since junior high to pull off the latter, I think. Or something like that. I'm not really a true expert on the odd post-hardcore movement to be later labeled "emo", I just kind of know some people that are. But if you mean in it in the broader and newer sense, some time this weekend I might have to break out my best LaTeX reference (um... Google?) and hack out a morose detail of all the morose details.

Actually I don't believe in morose details. On the small scale everything makes sense.

There has to be some kind of thing we can apply for with these resumes, though. Hm.

Anurag said...

You should add Time Person of the Year 2006 to your resume.

jl said...

doh. two blowouts... you need to get tires of iron to go with your iron-gloved iron fist ("don't worry, hapless drivers! the sparks are part of the show! whoa there, little timmy, step away from the flames...")

Al Dimond said...

I actually just got new bike tires with special flat-prevention features... it's basically like having tires made of iron, they're really stiff (and thus hard to install) and you have to inflate them to 125psi! Inflating tires to 125psi is a lot of work with my little portable pump. And it makes the ride pretty jarring. But if I can go without flats for a while it's all worth it.