Sunday, April 15, 2007

From the Pages of the San José Mercury News

People astound me. I want them to go away.

I guess last Sunday there was a picture of a woman's feet on the front of the travel section of the Merc News. To be specific, the feet of a woman swimming in the Dead Sea. The picture was for an article about women vacationing alone.

I guess this woman's feet were not very attractive. To be specific, they were "gnarly" and "bony".

I guess the Merc News got a barrage of angry letters from readers, outraged that such unattractive feet had been featured on the cover of the travel section. To be specific, David Mortaz of Los Gatos wrote:

I saw the picture for Sunday's "Going solo" report on the Travel section. That lady had very good reasons to vacation solo. Those were the ugliest, crooked, meanest and nastiest toes and feet I had seen in my entire life!

Can you imagine the horror of seeing those toes for the first time while vacationing on a resort island, knowing full well that you would be sharing the same bed with those Frankensteins!?!

Other readers complained that the ugly feet distracted them from eating, and questioned whether they were representative of women's feet.

I don't want these people in my species. I know Mom told me that I have to share the species, even with people I don't like, but I don't want to let them play with my trucky.

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Danielle in Iowa said...

Gees! I don't blame you for being selfish with your truck!

And by the way, I have somewhat unattractive feet, mostly from running I think. So I would like to think that the woman in the photo just has better things to do than spend $30 on a pedicure.