Wednesday, April 11, 2007

San Francisco

It had been a while since I was in San Francisco, and I wanted to run a race last weekend, and I found a running club there that holds weekly races for less than the cost of gas to drive to the city. I wrote about it in the runblog. It was fun.

But this blog has been yelling at me, "Hey, Al, quit doing stupid productive shit and blog about the other stuff! Quit ignoring me!" So here it is. After finishing the race I went up to the Sutro Bath House ruins. Story behind them being basically this. The Sutro Bath House stood right out on the northwest corner of the city and held seven swimming pools, the first swimming pools open to the public in San Francisco. Around the 1960s the bath house became unprofitable, and there were plans to demolish it and build... I think it was condos. But before the demolition went through the owner did the math, decided there wasn't as much money in condos as there was in insurance fraud, burned the place to the ground, collected the dough and skipped town. For some reason the ruins were not demolished and the land has yet to be developed. The ruins still stand there to be climbed on.

So I climbed around, took some OK pictures, whatever. I'd post a bunch of them, but I'm too tired to resize them and upload them. Actually, now that I actually look at 'em, most of them look really stupid because the horizon is tilted. Oops.

Then I started walking along the coast towards the Golden Gate Bridge and I saw it.

What I'm talking about, of course, is that trapezoidal prism of a bench in the middle of the path. If I ever own that much land I want to put a bench like that in it. I think it really would fit my aesthetic well. I would have had a picture without all those people in the way, but when I climbed up to get a shot from up above this girl wandered into the shot. She'd been walking along the trail for some time, so I figured she'd just pass through. But instead she made a call on her cell phone. Fortunately, some other people walked in there after a while, so I felt I could take the picture without overloading my sketch-detector. At any rate, I have several closer pictures of the bench. I liked it a lot and was really excited about it. Maybe I was just delirious from dehydration or hypoglycemia. But it really is a nice bench, no?

Another half-hour down the coast I saw the thing that surprised me most:

It's not a maze. There is only one path. It leads to the center. There is no way out. It was only too late that I realized this.

So with these strange items as my sole companions I shall live out the rest of my days in the middle of this spiral. Do think of me fondly, dear readers, as I will think of you.

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Danielle said...

Well Al, we'll miss your running capabilities, as you sit there for eternity in that spiral. At least you can celebrate easter with festivity every year!

(C'mon, really! Who litters easter eggs?)