Monday, May 14, 2007

Local Business

A while ago I put in a reservation to rent a moving truck from Budget, which has a pick-up/drop-off location in a gas station that's across the driveway from my apartment. I made the reservation online because I was doing price comparisons. When John found out that he could take all my furniture, I had to cancel the reservation. So I walked over to the gas station and asked the attendant about it. She told me to call Budget's national number. The call was quick and went smoothly.

So if I'd just called the number instead of going over to the station in the first place I could have made and canceled a transaction with a business located not 40 feet from where I'm sitting right now without actually interacting with anyone there.

I guess the real, fundamental question underlying this whole experience is: is this type of thing even interesting to normal people?


heatrose said...

interesting is not the right word, no.

the combination of being instinctually icky-tasting and all too arguable (for its rationality) that adds up to a feeling of dread and doom.

am i being too bitter today?

Al Dimond said...

Too bitter!?! There is no such thing!

The original title of this entry was "The Death of Local Business", but I thought that might be too melodramatic.