Monday, June 11, 2007

Everything that happened since my last post

A few things have happened that are the kind of thing I usually mention here:

1. I moved back to Elmhurst. Did so in the form of a road trip with Jessica and Katie, who i had met only briefly beforehand. It was a good trip, with only one "OMG ANGST" day (while driving across South Dakota). I don't think I actually took any pictures with my camera, the two of them got plenty though. Wyoming, especially in the Bighorn mountains, is beautiful. Went to a used bookstore in Omaha called the Antequarium. Saw Danielle in Iowa.

I woke up really early most of the days and I don't know why. Mostly I used the early morning time before my traveling companions awoke for reading.

2. Did a bike ride from Elmhurst out west to the edge of suburbia and back. Heather said to look for windmills, maybe in Batavia. Didn't see any, but I did get a picture of a cornfield with a row of brand new-looking very suburban-style houses behind it, and also one of an intersection with what looked like a fairly new stoplight rigged up at it, right in front of an old barn and silo.

3. Yesterday went to Chicago for the book fair, blues fest, and visiting Heather. All yielded successful results (books by Stephenson, DeLillo and Sartre (I know, I read the same stuff over and over again, sue me), rockin' harmonica by James Cotton, also a somewhat creepy dude from Louisiana that played really repetitive music and made lots of comments on the audience's dancing, beer by... some Belgian dudes, I guess). And I couldn't make the last train back to Elmhurst so I crashed at Heather and Beth and Me-Hi's (OK I totally made that spelling up, because I have no idea how this dude's name is spelled. Good dude, as far as I could tell, though) new place and woke up really early and read for a few hours, which kind of gave the morning a road trip vibe. I would have invited more people that would enjoy books and blues, but I figured (correctly) that the trip would be a very Al city trip. That is, lots of walking and searching for things, lots of scrambling for trains, a very shaky sense of plan, lots of getting approached by a dude on State and Harrison with a mohawk that had flopped down and was growing out around the edges, asking if I was Brian or William or something from St. Louis, and if I was an atheist, and who claimed to be God, and asked me how he could relax (I should have said, "By being disrupted in just the right way!"). The kind of trip that I need to do alone, at least for parts of it, so that I don't feel guilty about making tired companions trudge several extra blocks because of my incorrect guesses about the locations of public phones (cell phones are for the weak; Red Line stop at State and Harrison to the rescue!), and so that nobody has to actually listen to me talk about harmonicas.

4. And then I have to go back downtown tomorrow to run an errand for my dad. And there will be adventures of a different sort, if I have any luck.

5. I am really putting this off, but once I get off my lazy ass I'll post the pictures from my bike rides and stuff in one big OMG PICKTCHARR POST.

6. Now I have to sleep because waking up early is cool.


Danielle in Iowa said...

I heart waking up early! I'm a freak! I know it!

It was nice seeing you! I got your check all safely too! See you again in six weeks or so for RAGBRAI!

My, I am quite exclamatory in the morning!

Anonymous said...

To fill a blank?