Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Go Baseball!

I guess I don't usually blog about Baseball. Anyhow, this is worth saying: MLB's rules on retaliation are total crap, and the recent Cubs-Braves series is a good example of why.

Soriano hit three homers in a game, and on the first pitch of the next game Tim Hudson hit him. Perhaps partially intentional at worst (Hudson was probably trying to brush him off the plate and missed a bit inside). Because it looked bad, warnings were issued to each side. After both starters were knocked out early Cubs' long reliever Gallagher came to the plate for his first career plate appearance. He got hit by a pitch that got away from the Braves' reliever, and rightly no action was taken. But if the tables were turned what would have happened? Had a pitch gotten away from Gallagher and hit anyone on the Braves he almost certainly would have been tossed. Hell, Lilly even got tossed for hitting Renteria the next day!

There's something wrong when the result of hitting a batter is that your teammates can hit batters with no consequence while the opposing pitchers will get thrown out for it.

And if the umps are concerned with preventing retaliation above all else, even when it rewards "aggressors", then why was nothing done about the only play that was obviously retaliatory: Renteria's forearm on the slide into second base?

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