Saturday, June 30, 2007

"You are a decent person / And you have a function"

Ran at Waterfall Glen today. Notes:

- It really is one of my favorite places to run.
- As I ran by the "L.P.S. 1921" ruins I thought that they looked kind of like a mausoleum, and that "L.P.S." could be someone's initials. It doesn't make a lot of sense, really; it doesn't look like there's a cemetery nearby. I'm conflicted about "Lemont Postal Service"; it's near train tracks but it doesn't look like a likely place for trains to stop. Also I don't think "Lemont Postal Service" makes much sense; it would be the US Postal Service, and the Lemont Post Office. "Lemont Park Service" is another possibility. I don't see why the year would be chiseled into the building in either case.
- After getting done I helped a couple with a baby find the trailhead and then a few cyclists find the old pump water fountain. Woot.


Danielle in Iowa said...

How about Lemont public school?

Al Dimond said...

I don't think the building is big enough to be a schoolhouse (it's a bit smaller than the picture here. There is what looks like the ruins of a larger building (big enough to be a one-rooms schoolhouse) next to it; less of that building is standing than the LPS 1921 building. I don't usually picture one-room schoolhouses being made of concrete, though.

All that said, Lemont Public School is as good a guess as anything else I've though of.

The more I think the more I don't know! It's like science!

Johnny Go said...

Park District maps of that area are labled “Old Lincoln Park Nursery”.