Friday, August 10, 2007

Are you a bad enough dude to rescue Bob Barker?

I picked up the double jewel case and read the line of text on the top of the back side: "The fate of the world is in your hands!"

I turned the case over and read the front. "Jeopardy".


Anonymous said...

Isn't Bob Barker from The Price is Right? ...?

Al Dimond said...

Yes, Bob Barker is from The Price Is Right. Actually my brother Lyndon pointed this mistake out to me not long after I made this post.

I should have corrected it sooner, but now that you've commented on it, whoever you are, correcting it would break continuity. So we'll just all know that the title of the post should be , "Are you a bad enough dude to rescue Alex Trebek?"

I was just so excited to be able to reference both Bad Dudes (which I've never played) and Jeopardy (which I've also never played) in one post that I was not thinking clearly.