Sunday, August 12, 2007


There's something about going to Michigan that really heightens my sense of awareness. I was in the back of the van reading; we'd been on Lake Shore Drive but suddenly I just felt that we had to be in Hyde Park. I looked out the left window and the first awning I saw read: "Hyde Park Florist".

Whatever I'm going to write here isn't going to be nearly as !OMG!superangstcore! as the last thing I remember writing about going to Michigan several years ago. Which I know I could dig up if I felt like it (I keep great records, except when I forget to put on the recurse flag when copying all my old files and don't notice until years later when I want some random thing) but I'm not going to.

Still reading in the back seat, stuck on traffic on the Indiana Toll Road (I think "stuck in traffic" here is redundant), I came across an article in Time wondering why romance movies are dying. The article comments that (I don't have it with me, so paraphrasing) a movie depicting types of war atrocities that have never been documented would likely be praised for its gritty realism, while a movie about people falling in love, which happens every day, would likely be panned for being unrealistic. The problem is that to be a good romance movie a couple has to fall in love in an interesting way. And then once they've done that the movie ends. Most people meet eachother in undramatic ways and most of what's important happens after the movie would have already ended.

Besides, there's a logical problem that happens in many romantic stories, and as people apply more logic to their lives over time I think they see through it. Frequently person A does not love person B, and then person B does something spectacular to prove that zie loves person A. But person B loving person A was never in question. Person B's actions, however spectacular, really shouldn't convince person A to love person B back, but they do. People realize that if they were person A they wouldn't fall for that because it doesn't make sense, and if they were person B they wouldn't bother with all that silly shit because anyone dumb enough to fall for it would not be smart enough to make a relationship of any sort work in the long term.

Notes on Kalamazoo: Grandpa showed me a picture of Albert B. Dimond II (my great-great grandfather I think), which looks just like me. Grandma just had her knee replaced and the doctor had said that an advantage of knee replacement was that it would last for the rest of her life. She told him that her mother was 97. He backed off the statement. No metal knee can outlast a member of my family! Mama Blanche (my grandmother's mother) is pretty awesome. Even now that a trip is pretty hard on her, she'll come to see us when big things happen in our lives. Just last month she came down to Illinois for my cousin's high school graduation party and senior recital.

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