Friday, August 31, 2007

Post #100: The Invasion of Runblogg!

Since the Team BIOMASS Runblog is currently under a flood of GRR posts I have to make a personal runbloggy note here: I just did a long run with a watch for the first time in years. Probably two or three years. And, let me tell you, it was a great reminder of why I haven't missed running with a watch.

Normally when I go for long runs I keep a decent pace, and maybe pick it up halfway through or towards the end depending on how I'm feeling. With the watch, and mile markers along the Prairie Path, I got really competitive. The time for the first three miles was meaningless because I stopped to stretch. After that I had a mile that was probably at a slight incline and ran 6:47. Then I was like, "6:47? For an almost-12-mile run? That is not fast enough!!! AAAAAAAARGH!!!!!" I was putting down around 6:40 for the next few, then got down to 6:30s. Three miles from the end I put down two miles at 6:20, then the last mile was 5:53. But it wasn't really, because everyone in Elmhurst knows that the distance between mile markers 8 and 9 is not quite a mile. I ran fast, but I had to stop for traffic twice and do the hill over Route 83. There's no way I would have actually done a mile under 6.

So. Now that I have a watch with a band, I think I'll still only use it for speedwork and long runs with specific goals (such as when I have that day in a few months when I say, "It is that time again. Time to run ten miles in an hour." And then fall embarassingly short of doing that).

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