Wednesday, August 1, 2007

RAGBRAI, Employment, Rupert Murdoch

It is really amazing how trusting people in Iowa are for RAGBRAI. Thousands of really nice bikes, not to mention wallets and all kinds of other stuff were just left on the side of the road in every town we went through and nobody even worried for a second about stuff getting stolen. That was probably the thing that impressed me most. For the record we didn't see John Edwards or Lance Armstrong. We did see the Mitt-Mobile, but not Mitt. What I really would like to do, now, is ride across the country like Matt and David Montgomery. That would be pretty awesome.

I'm starting my new job on the 13th. Looking for places to live now. Woot.

And when Rupert Murdoch buys out my blog I'll make sure I negotiate for editorial freedom at least three or four posts out of ten.

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Matt Montgomery said...

I'm on teh Internets! Congrats on RAGBRAI, Al.