Saturday, September 8, 2007

I suppose it bears mention that I'm moving tomorrow. Tomorrow meaning Saturday, meaning, "In six hours I pick up the truck." Since I suck at productivity I haven't called to set up phone/internet yet. So I may be hard to contact for a while. I'll do my best to keep up with email. Everything else will be pretty spotty.

My place will be uptown. Sometimes I say it's, "In Uptown," but it feels awkward and wrong. Uptown should be an adjective, no? But I guess uptown as an adjective would probably be a lot less specific than Uptown, the proper noun denoting a still very large area surrounded by Lakeview, Edgewater, the lake and Lincoln Square.

I think it's time for me to train for a 5k. When I ran my 35:54 10k in the late fall of 2004 I had run a 5k just the week before in about 17:15 or 17:30... somewhere around there. And when I ran the 10k that probably was around 35:20 or so this past April I had run a ridiculously hilly 5k in just over 18 the week before (San Francisco hilly, but still. 18 minutes?). Those 5k times seem really pathetically bad compared to those 10k times. In high school I ran 15:48 for 3 miles at State; that translates to 16:20-ish for 5k. To be that fast again at that distance would be pretty awesome, I'm just not sure if I can do it without getting injured. I sometimes think that my goal is to run sub-16, but when I look at the numbers... it's totally unrealistic. So 16:20 will make a fine 10k goal for this fall!

EDIT: Sub-16 is not totally unrealistic if I can get my 2-mile time back under 10 minutes. Getting my 2-mile time that fast again would require tons of weightlifting and living at the track. And my dad's Blackberry just went off and it's 1:34 AM on a Friday. WTF? So, in conclusion, I think I need to hit the speedwork hard, and never get a cell phone ever.

EDIT2: In other blogworthy news I may already have a team for my 6th R2R running! I have run 5 out of the 8 legs: #5 while in moderate-but-not-peak shape in 2003, #8 while struggling through tendinitis in 2004, #4 basically as soon as they let me run after ACL reconstruction in 2005, #7 while having a blah year in 2006, and #6 this past year while in excellent shape. If I keep it up and finish the cycle in 2010 I wonder if I'll be the youngest runner to have run all 8 legs!

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