Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I really wish I hadn't already titled an entry in this blog "Always Crashing on the Same Bike", 'cause today I actually did crash on my bike. Twice, even. I certainly wasn't "touching close to ninety-four", though.

I wonder if the people that have studied SAD and developed things like The Sunbox have looked at the effect of snow on the whole thing. Walking out of my office and having snowflakes hit me in the face definitely brightened up my evening a bit.

I managed to make it all the way past Belmont Harbor before my first crash, which was a matter of leaning into a turn. The second one came shortly before Montrose; a lot of snow and sludge had accumulated between my wheel and fork, and the additional friction made the front wheel lock up suddenly as I was slowing down for the intersection. This problem is probably specific to road bikes with skinny forks and caliper brakes.

Maybe I should see if my dad will let me borrow his old Schwinn for the winter. With coaster brakes and internal gearing, it served me well in all sorts of inclement weather in college. I'd lose a lot of speed points, but gain a lot of style points.

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