Monday, March 10, 2008

And yet again it returns: Dialogs

d: more than anything i think i'm serially adopting other people's consciences. in my worse moments i really don't live up to any standards of anything when nobody's watching.
b: you need to find your own then.
d: i think i'll steal yours next.
b: you have the mind sometimes of a truly heinous asshole. a real cold calculating bastard. but you don't have the will. you want to be beautiful and you want to be loved. that's what guides you and takes the place of your conscience. if the world loves truth and goodness, then you will be true in your art and good in your life.
d: i don't think it does.
b: don't think what whats?
d: that the world loves those things.
b: oh.
d: it is a whore.
like me.
like you.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Oh, yeah.

If you want to download Me and Jess' album, for the time being you can get it in 128kb MP3 format here:

Elko West: Manhattan-Monee.

If it doesn't work bother me and I'll fix it and/or update the link. I have a dynamic IP address and am hosting it from my desktop box, so it might not work at any given time, but I can probably make it work at any given time. Right.

I'm thinking about signing up for a dyndns service to make this type of thing more manageable. Or I could make a bittorrent file and figure out how to get someone to track it. Preferably someone less shady than The Pirate Bay or its ilk in terms of having soft porn ads all over the place. But I don't really know much about torrenting, and it's not worth it to try to find that all out myself for the relatively small amount of downloading that people will be doing of my files. That said, if anyone knows of a reputable site for tracking let me know and I'll figure out how to make a .torrent and all that...

If ever a significant number of people really needed to download from me I'd get a commercial-grade ISP that gave me a static address and a dedicated server box connected to my router with a physical wire instead of Wi-Fi.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Yet another installment of: Dialogs!

c: so what about you two?
b: not going to happen. that ship has sailed.
c: well we've known eachother a long time. obviously our ship hasn't sailed, why that one?
b: a ship... a ship is not an egg-timer. a ship is a ship.
c: an egg-timer.
b: one day a long time ago we sat next to eachother in the shipyards surrounded by boards of wood, nails, and hammers, and we started putting stuff together. one day you looked at me and said, "my dear sir, i believe we may be building a ship!"
c: and you said, "a ship? preposterous!" and i persisted in my argument...
b: yes, and eventually i gave in, and said, "well, if this is a ship, let's get on before it sails," and so, hammers still in hand, we boarded, and launched the ship out away from the shore. after a while we both misplaced our hammers and couldn't fix the leaks that sprang up in the boat anymore.
c: i really think you're taking this a little far.
b: and i was wading through one of the half-submerged rooms under-deck in a futile search for some artifacts, old stowed-away treasures, when you called me upstairs, grabbed the back of my shirt, and threw me overboard. and then you jumped too.
c: she walks the deck in a black dress and me i dress up in black!
b: and we just swam along in opposite sides of the wake of the sinking ship looking anywhere but at eachother until i got airlifted away.
c: i didn't even notice that. wasn't looking. fucker.
b: well, anyway, here we are on the dock again, and i think the ship is coming back to harbor.
c: *groan*

Monday, March 3, 2008


We finished the album and now I can stop being a recluse, yay! Sort of. Being a recluse certainly has its perks... anyway, go to the RPM challenge website and search for Elko West (our band name) or Manhattan-Monee (the album's name) or something if you want to hear it. All the final album traxxx and cover arrrt are posted on the page, though not necessarily in the correct order or anything. The Real RPM Folk are supposed to put the songs up in order at some point after the CD reaches them. Not that it matters a ton that they're out of order, this isn't a rock opera or anything like that.

In related news, you can now buy comically-oversized mock-testicles to hang from the back bumper of your comically-oversized truck. Linky. I wonder how they'd fit on my bike.