Monday, March 10, 2008

And yet again it returns: Dialogs

d: more than anything i think i'm serially adopting other people's consciences. in my worse moments i really don't live up to any standards of anything when nobody's watching.
b: you need to find your own then.
d: i think i'll steal yours next.
b: you have the mind sometimes of a truly heinous asshole. a real cold calculating bastard. but you don't have the will. you want to be beautiful and you want to be loved. that's what guides you and takes the place of your conscience. if the world loves truth and goodness, then you will be true in your art and good in your life.
d: i don't think it does.
b: don't think what whats?
d: that the world loves those things.
b: oh.
d: it is a whore.
like me.
like you.

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