Monday, March 3, 2008


We finished the album and now I can stop being a recluse, yay! Sort of. Being a recluse certainly has its perks... anyway, go to the RPM challenge website and search for Elko West (our band name) or Manhattan-Monee (the album's name) or something if you want to hear it. All the final album traxxx and cover arrrt are posted on the page, though not necessarily in the correct order or anything. The Real RPM Folk are supposed to put the songs up in order at some point after the CD reaches them. Not that it matters a ton that they're out of order, this isn't a rock opera or anything like that.

In related news, you can now buy comically-oversized mock-testicles to hang from the back bumper of your comically-oversized truck. Linky. I wonder how they'd fit on my bike.

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