Friday, March 7, 2008

Yet another installment of: Dialogs!

c: so what about you two?
b: not going to happen. that ship has sailed.
c: well we've known eachother a long time. obviously our ship hasn't sailed, why that one?
b: a ship... a ship is not an egg-timer. a ship is a ship.
c: an egg-timer.
b: one day a long time ago we sat next to eachother in the shipyards surrounded by boards of wood, nails, and hammers, and we started putting stuff together. one day you looked at me and said, "my dear sir, i believe we may be building a ship!"
c: and you said, "a ship? preposterous!" and i persisted in my argument...
b: yes, and eventually i gave in, and said, "well, if this is a ship, let's get on before it sails," and so, hammers still in hand, we boarded, and launched the ship out away from the shore. after a while we both misplaced our hammers and couldn't fix the leaks that sprang up in the boat anymore.
c: i really think you're taking this a little far.
b: and i was wading through one of the half-submerged rooms under-deck in a futile search for some artifacts, old stowed-away treasures, when you called me upstairs, grabbed the back of my shirt, and threw me overboard. and then you jumped too.
c: she walks the deck in a black dress and me i dress up in black!
b: and we just swam along in opposite sides of the wake of the sinking ship looking anywhere but at eachother until i got airlifted away.
c: i didn't even notice that. wasn't looking. fucker.
b: well, anyway, here we are on the dock again, and i think the ship is coming back to harbor.
c: *groan*

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