Sunday, April 13, 2008

Computer is making awful noises again. Need to do some science on it.

It must be that somewhere in the code of how to live right passed down to me it's written that I should keep an orderly and private home. Its walls should be tight. Selected plants should grow in pots and every other place within should be a monument to barrenness and death.

Bugs used to drive me crazy and now I don't mind them. It used to freak me out when garlic and onions sprouted in my kitchen, and now I think it's sort of neat. Though sad, because it means I haven't been cooking enough lately (stuff is just stuck in the pipe).

I am going to have to show my apartment soon, and I'm having those job-interview thoughts. What if that big bug that's been living in the bathroom comes out in front of the visitors? The thought is, "Should I present it in a way that I think they will probably like, not knowing who they are or having any way to know what they'd like?"

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