Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Man's Gotta Do...

... and I don't mean that in a gendered way, of course. A woman would have had to do the same. But, due to a medium-sized plumbing catastrophe, I can say with a high degree of certainty the following things:

  • I had less fun Saturday night than you did
  • My bathroom is cleaner than yours
  • A couple hours ago my bathroom was not cleaner than yours (even if your bathroom looks like Anurag's from his first year of college)

Now I'm going to get no sleep and then go do Bike the Drive tomorrow. Should be a blast.

Edit: when I wrote "no sleep" back there, I thought I was just exaggerating. Being a drama queen, as is my custom. But I just looked it up and the blasted thing starts at 5:30AM. It's 2:30. So I literally am pulling an all-nighter between cleaning shit-water off my bathroom floor and biking the drive. Charming.

Oh, yeah, I guess I have a bit more time now 'cause I'm not sleeping, so I can write about the other thing I wanted to write about. I hit baseballs today! Not that exciting, just felt the urge and biked up to the batting cages at Novelty Golf in Lincolnwood. I am still an absolutely awful hitter, but it's fun to take some hacks. My strategy, since I was going to miss a lot anyway (and since I had plenty of tokens and a distance runner's endurance and tolerance for repetitive activities), was to take the biggest cut I could muster at every pitch, figuring I'd at least get a couple of good knocks. I probably looked like a jackass all those times I mis-timed my weight-transfer and went flying out the front of the batter's box, lunging at the pitch, but I did get several good knocks, and had a pretty awesome time doing it.

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Danielle in Iowa said...

I can completely envision you in th batting cage scenario described :-)