Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I just moved, for those of you that didn't know that. To Pilsen, not far from Cermak and Ashland, with Heather and Christina.

The move was done mostly in a Budget truck, which stopped at my apartment, then Heather's, then Christina's. Except that because the Internet was slow to arrive at this place I kept my computer and phone hooked up at my old one for a while and had to make a couple additional trips as a result of that. It is pretty nerve-wracking to drive one of those trucks on the city streets. So that's one more job that I absolutely don't want to have after globalisation destroys the market for soft, lazy, pampered American programmers. Although I can probably count on the energy crisis killing the market for fossil fuel-powered trucks. With any luck after the Great Crash(es?) I'll find something agreeable to do. Bike messenger? Professional pessimist?

I've had a couple of nice runs on the near south and west sides, and one right up to the Sears Tower and around Wacker Drive at night. I like seeing people, especially kids, when I'm out on runs, and there are lots of kids and parents out here all the time. They make me feel happy, because they're usually doing something joyful or funny.

And some time soon I should bike the boulevards from Jackson Park through Washington Park, Douglas Park, Garfield Park, Humboldt Park, Palmer Square, and to Logan Square. It looks on my bike map like the boulevard thing then sort of runs to the river and stops. That's where the bowling alley on Diversey is. So maybe a bike-and-bowl? Speaking of biking, my commute on bike to work is really quick now. Blue Island, Roosevelt, and Halsted are all very wide and fast. The Pink Line is also very fast compared to how the Red and Brown have been for the past year (it's probably always faster because it makes so few stops between 18th and the Loop; just Polk, Ashland and Clinton).

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Danielle in Iowa said...

So I saw the post title and I thought you were going to extol the virtues of Pilsen beer :-)