Sunday, September 14, 2008

How am I driving?

After writing the last post I was thinking about why I write this blog. I originally intended it to be a place to post music and stuff, but that hasn't really happened so much, mostly because when I'm making music I don't like having to stand over my computer trying to make it understand (whether through recordings or otherwise).

What I wind up doing a lot of is writing about computer stuff I encounter all the time, and what it means in a larger context, or I feel about the whole enterprise. Even though most of y'all reading this aren't programmers according to your college degrees many of you write programs and all of you use computers (many great programmers don't have degrees in a related field; this by necessity includes all computing pioneers). So I like to think about what computers do, and what we think they do but they don't.

I think these questions apply to everyone and I think they can be discussed by everyone. Probably not everyone really cares that much, and that's cool. I'm just saying it's not above anyone. Because I have some training and experience in computing I know a fair amount of its history and current happenings. I like to try to share them and de-mystify them, but without turning it into a tutorial that would be boring for someone like me to read (I usually post things that I wouldn't have thought of a week before). I just realized in my last post that I tried to explain HTML's hierarchical nature by referring to Wheel of Fortune, the Lolcat Bible, and a Unix shell command that's a somewhat common signature on geeky message boards; I also assumed knowledge of common old-school HTML tags. Maybe I just should have said, "You can't do Venn Diagrams."

Comments? I probably won't be offended by anything you might say...

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