Friday, November 28, 2008

Humanity: for Lose and Fail

Zombies, nothing. Shoppers broke down the door of a suburban New York Wal-Mart as it opened early this morning and trampled and killed a worker there.

First thought: I ran cross-country in my schoolin' years, and from time to time people get knocked over at the start of races. It happened to me once in 7th grade, and it happened to Jim Mullaney at the State Meet his senior year. I've never heard of anyone being seriously injured in such a case. These shoppers must have been rabid.

That isn't to say the situations were equivalent. Cross races don't have 2000 runners, and the courses are designed to gradually funnel the wide stream of runners to a narrow one before the first turn. If the shoppers were pushing with enough force to break down the door the people at the front of the crowd probably had little choice but to keep going forward. And the ones at the back applying that pressure obviously didn't have any idea what was going on at the front.

But they broke down the door. There isn't an em tag em-y enough for that. And then how they reacted afterwards. You'd think that someone dying as a result of the crowd's insane greed would make people step back and get some perspective. Guess not.

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