Thursday, August 27, 2009

Unemployment Sucks, Like You, Like Me.

I have removed the text of this blog post because it's public, and people might see it and get the wrong idea. You can probably find it archived somewhere if you really want to. Here's the deal.

I wrote a rather profane post in frustration at my job search. What really frustrates me about looking for jobs is all the ass-kissing and lying. I know when I apply for a job half the other applicants have inflated their résumés. I stood in line at a job fair in college while a young woman in front of me claimed she spent 120 hours in an average week on coursework (which leaves under 7 hours per day for sleeping, eating, and all that other stuff you need to do to function as a human being). Then she said she loved fast-paced work environments. Maybe if she got her work done at a faster pace she wouldn't have to spend so much time on it.

The posturing of the job search is totally ridiculous. Some job advice columnists want you to go at every employer like their company is your dream. There is a handful of companies that I would really love to work for because I think they do great and important work. There are others I wouldn't even apply at. At most jobs the relationship on some level is, "I'll do your dirty work and you pay me your dirty money." I'll do the best job I can, because, you know, why else bother showing up? I also know if I'm totally honest about that, I'll never be employed anywhere. I worked for a market research company studying direct mail marketing (mostly credit cards) when I lived in Chicago. I think most of their clients are absolute scumbags. I did a good job. They paid me. That's how it is sometimes; I don't think any of the programmers there had illusions otherwise, and I don't even think the research and marketing teams did. But anyone giving you advice on your job search will tell you that you'd better pucker up. "Direct mail is so fascinating, tell me more!"

I think that's really it. Job searching was and is frustrating. I hate feeling dishonest talking to people. And that's why I wrote that little rant that's now been erased.

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