Thursday, September 17, 2009

My middle name!

The TSA has decided it's now important that the name on your boarding pass when you fly matches exactly the name on the ID that you use, including middle names. Oh, cute, faceless government agencies can blog, too. Too bad there's no point (and it doesn't take two government investigations to figure that out).

In theory, boarding passes could be scanned and checked by security to make sure the name is the same as the person the ticket was booked for. Then a would-be faker would have to go through all the trouble of getting a fake ID. Or would have to know someone that looked similar...

I realize that many (most?) criminals kinda suck at what they do, and any minor security effort will thwart them. Still, this looks like a severe case of keeping honest people honest, and inconvenienced to boot. Maybe the government is just doing its part to help the airlines stamp down the second-hand ticket market that must be costing them dozens of dollars per year. Trying to do its part, that is. Badly.

And then there's all the "Papers Please!" complaints. "They still won't tell us which law authorizes ID checks", "The no-fly list is ineffective and a hassle", etc. They're all still right. See comments at the linked TSA blog, I should sleep or something.

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