Thursday, November 12, 2009


I need a bumper sticker for an experiment. Specifically, I need a bumper sticker that says, "Barack Obama is not a socialist. I am." Then I'll put it on my car, park it on a street that's public but not in plain view of everything, and see how long it goes before being vandalized.

You typically think of graffiti/vandalism as an urban thing... I've actually seen some in Wyoming, just, like I said, not in places people walk every day. Out of town a few miles on the dirt roads where I go running, people leave their mark.

Also, they shoot holes in road signs. It's funny -- if I saw holes shot out of a speed limit sign in Chicago I'd get the hell out of wherever I was (is that true? I don't remember ever seeing that in Chicago but I can't be sure...), but it doesn't register the same way here (it also might not register, say, out by the Indiana border, around Lake Calumet, near the Ford plant, in Hegewisch? Because that whole area is basically central Illinois with Chicago addresses. Speaking of which, and I've mentioned this before, Monee is on the address grid). I guess Wyomingites with guns point them mostly at animals. Animals that aren't human. It's a small distinction that makes every bit of difference when you are, in fact, a human.

Which is an odd coincidence, to be sure...

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heatrose said...

e suggests you put said bumper sticker on someone else's car, and i second that suggestion!

funny, its the opposite here. there are real socialists, it seems like [there are also LaRouche people ohgod i saw them for the first time today and did a more than doubletake before running running away away]. there are also people who love love love obama. and i have not met any parisians who *don't* fall into the latter category. like, the odd old jewish man didnt mind that i was not single, or that i was american and not israeli, or that i didnt know much french... but lost most interest in talking to me when i said obama could do better.

also there are nested obama dolls for sale. like those russian nested dolls.

i could go on.

anyways, you should do it with the bumper sticker.

also, maybe we should make a venn diagram of france and wyoming.

also, you gonna be in chicagoland at all in december/january?