Monday, March 8, 2010

It is a great time to be in Al Land

First, I quit Facebook. If you were my friend on Facebook you got a long message about why. Maybe I'll post it here.

Second, last week Jess and I completed our RPM Challenge album for this year. It's called City Steve and the Neon Lights. It is on Alonetone, in the RPM Challenge Jukebox, and you can grab a ZIP of MP3s here. The album is set in the distant future in Chicago (I had to pick a year when writing liner notes so I chose 2250). If you want a CD or higher-quality digital tracks let me know and tell me where to send it.


Danielle said...

I admire your stand against Facebook. I'm exactly that enraged-then-forget-about-it type, so I should probably jump aboard your ship, but then how would I stalk people?

Al Dimond said...

I use a feed reader to follow blogs. I guess there's twitter, which is probably more inane than Facebook but less evil.

kekenned said...

I just listened to your album for the first time -- I dig it, especially the Daddy Coke track.


Al Dimond said...

Cool, glad you enjoyed it.