Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'll probably always be a little competitive about running

On Sunday, after my flight arrived in California, I went out and ran one of my old routes at Rancho San Antonio. The PG&E Trail is just as tough as I remembered it (like this, but there's a lot of choppy up-and-down that the elevation profile doesn't show. During that mostly-downhill section in the second mile I go really fast and pass lots of people. There's a point probably halfway up the next huge climb (I lose all conception of time or distance on that climb; there are 11 power line towers along the trail, and I count them, but they aren't evenly spaced) where you hear echoes of your footsteps, and I always think one of the people I blew by down below is catching up to me, and I consider picking up the pace. This has never been the case, and if it ever is, I'll probably find that I'm already going about as fast as I can. But for some reason it matters to me that I don't get passed running up that hill.


Danielle said...

For some reason, especially after running in Wyoming, I don't think you'd have to worry about someone passing you on that hill :-)

Anonymous said...

Actually that loop at Rancho San Antonio is harder than anything I run here. It's easily the hardest route I've ever run regularly. Running there a couple times a week made WWR seem easy.

I was once passed at El Rancho, but it was on one of the lower trails. That dude was bookin'.